A consumer surnamed Chen has complained that online shopping website eBay Eachnet, which is run by Tom Online (TOMO), is inconsistent when it verifies credit cards on its domestic and overseas websites.

According to multiple local media reports, eBay Eachnet's domestic website says that consumers don't have to pay any fee when they want to have their credit card verified for a transaction. But the overseas website at Ebay.com will charge CNY1 for each verification.

Chen said when he logged into eBay's website in the United States to contact a foreign seller, he had CNY1 deducted from his credit card.

In response to Chen's complaints, a representative from eBay Eachnet's China headquarters explains that the CNY1 was deducted from the consumer's credit card just to check whether the card was valid and the money will be returned to the consumer at a later time.


  1. for now i dont have any comment cause i myself is businessman based in south africa, but want to be ordering a laptops and computer accessories via this transaction, but is unfortunate that people are not trustworthy in their dealings, just take care


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