Chinese mobile value-added services firm Hurray (HRAY) has announced the signing of a contract with Beijing TV to establish an exclusive partnership for delivering wireless services.

Commenting on this announcement, QD Wang, chairman and CEO of Hurray, said, "We are extremely pleased to announce the framework contract for this strategic partnership with BTV, one of the major TV networks in China, with a broad audience of more 250 million viewers. This event is a breakthrough for us in developing new distribution channels and gaining access to TV and video content. It takes us one step closer toward our goal of becoming a leading digital entertainment content production and distribution house in China."

The services will enable all of BTV's channels and programs to interact with their respective TV audiences. The detailed terms and conditions of the partnership will be set forth in definitive agreements to be agreed by the parties.

BTV is one of top five TV networks in China. It operates one national satellite TV channel and twelve local channels, and offers a broad range of programs including news, TV drama, business, entertainment and sports. BVTM is the new media subsidiary of BTV and owns exclusive rights for wireless value-added services offered through all BTV programs and channels, in addition to other new media services rights.


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