A professional e-data justice appraisal center has been licensed in Shanghai to help remedy lawsuits involving the Internet where electronic forensics or evidence is needed.

The e-data justice appraisal center, which is called Shanghai Chen Xing E-data Justice Appraising Center, is a third-party legal entity approved by the Shanghai Municipal Judiciary Department. Dr. Jin Bo, a representative from the center, says that the center's main business is to make appraisals on audio and video data as well as computer data, including evidence preparation and appraisal; on-site evidence fixing; web page analyses; email appraising; investigation assistance; data recovery; file repairing; and decryption.

Jin says that the center's reports, which usually come out within 15 days of the date of consignment, will be provided as valid evidence for the judicial department to make a judgment on the online criminals like hackers and virus creators.


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