Tsinghua Science Park has announced a CNY10 billion fund support plan targeting "diamond enterprises".

Luo Jianbei, deputy director of Tsinghua Science Park Development Center, says that Tsinghua Science Park has set up branches in Kunshan, Xi'an, Nanchang, Beijing, and Shanghai and is contacting high-tech zones in Shenzhen, Dalian and Weihai to promote the support policy to each of these branches. Luo disclosed that their goal is to select some excellent enterprises and create them into "diamond enterprises" in the five years until 2011. Luo said that self-innovation and self-owned intellectual property rights will be the premises for a company to join the "diamond enterprise" plan. Other requirements include that they must be a leader of their sector and must have reciprocal relations with institutions of higher learning.

The first batch of ten "diamond enterprises" has already been revealed. They are GigaDeivce Semiconductor Inc, THUNIP Holdings Limited Company, Sumavision, Spreadtrum, Highlander, ChineseAll.com, Smartdot, Trry, Net.cn, and Cttnet.cn. According to Luo, there are more than 400 innovation enterprise in Tsinghua Science Park, and 45 of them have applied to join the Diamond Plan, but these ten became the final winners.

Tsinghua Science Park hopes to train 3-5 diamond enterprises that possess world class technology and finally get listed on Nasdaq or main boards in the domestic Chinese market. In order to maintain the high quality of the diamond enterprises, they will introduce a system under which an enterprise will be removed when there is turbulence in the company's management, dramatic financial decline in performance or a main shifting in business.

Tsinghua Science Park will also provide a range of services worth about CNY100,000 to each of the winning companies, including free service network and free use of electronic information screens to release information.

Established by Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Science Park combines its unique technical and human resources with innovative companies and ambitious young entrepreneurs. Tsinghua Science Park offers services to high tech and research companies, becoming the home to both domestic and foreign start-up businesses.


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