After one year of preparation, the first comprehensive anti-spam processing platform in China has been formally put into operation.

Featuring both a blacklist and a whitelist, this platform ensures a smoother email communication system in China. Li Hong, deputy secretary general of the Internet Society of China, said that ten websites including, Netease,, 263,, and have been connected to the blacklist so they can have constant updates to block unwanted bulk email.

In the past year, over 100,000 IP addresses have been blacklisted, thanks to public reports. The ISC website will gradually open to the public and businesses to accelerate anti-spam efforts domestically and internationally.

Spamhaus, the world's largest anti-spam organization, currently ranks China second from which spam originates. The United States is the top location for spam. A representative from Spamhaus in China says the organization hopes to work more closely with the ISC to help monitor spammers and eradicate phishing and other exploits that may harm Internet users.

The latest survey of ISC shows that in the first quarter of this year, the spam received by Chinese Internet users declined to 58.95% a 5.96 per cent drop compared with the same period of last year.


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