Building owners and managers have been advised by Hong Kong's Office of the Telecommunications Authority to upgrade their in-building coaxial cable distribution systems for reception of digital terrestrial television signals, if their buildings are located in the initial coverage area of DTT broadcasting, which will be launched later this year.

According to the implementation framework earlier announced by Hong Kong, Asia Television Limited and Television Broadcasts Limited shall start simulcasting of both DTT and analogue TV programs by the end of 2007.

"In order to receive the new DTT programmes, incorporated owners and building managers should check whether their IBCCDS are able to receive the DTT signals and, if not, arrange for the necessary upgrading of their systems. They may approach their existing IBCCDS operator or procure the service from a new contractor for such upgrading works," an OFTA spokesperson said. "To facilitate the concerned parties to upgrade their IBCCDS, OFTA has issued today the revised specification for IBCCDS which incorporates the performance requirements for the reception and distribution of DTT signals. In addition, OFTA has also published a companion guideline providing necessary information for the upgrade of IBCCDS."

At service launch, ATV and TVB's DTT service will be transmitted by the main transmission station at Temple Hill and it will cover the Kowloon peninsula, northern Hong Kong Island, Shatin and eastern Lantau Island.


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