Chinese wireless value-added services company KongZhong (KONG) and the National Basketball Association have together launched the official NBA Chinese mobile website.

Under the agreement, KongZhong will operate the official NBA Chinese mobile website, which users can visit on their mobile phones by directly inputting CN.NBA.COM. The mobile website will broadcast live selected NBA games in their entirety and provide video clips of NBA game highlights, the latest news, scores, game and player updates, player interviews, blogs, TV schedules, wallpaper, ring tones, and more. KongZhong can also develop and market NBA-related wireless value-added products. KongZhong expects to generate mobile advertising revenues and wireless value-added revenues, as well as to increase the popularity of

KongZhong CEO Yunfan Zhou said, "This cooperation symbolizes the rapid growth and the significant influence of wireless Internet as the next-generation media. CN.NBA.COM will instantly bring NBA games and updates and create a virtual community for NBA fans. KongZhong will continue to work closely with the NBA to bring more exciting contents to all the users."



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