Microsoft (MSFT) China has fixed a new four-member leadership team for the new fiscal year.

Microsoft China's new leadership framework includes acting CEO Yaqin Zhang, newly appointed COO Eugenio Beaufrand, Microsoft Research Asia President Hongjiang Zhang and Microsoft China's vice president Fengming Liu.

Under the new leadership framework, Yaqin Zhang will be responsible for the company's business and development department, and Eugenio Beaufrand the sales, marketing and daily operation. Hongjiang Zhang will be in charge of the development department and Fengming Liu will take responsibility in government relations.

Microsoft China has become one of the fastest growing branches of Microsoft in the global market with a two-digit growth in 2007 fiscal year.Microsoft Research Asia, which has been considered as the most important investment of Microsoft, will reportedly recruit 500 technicians in 2008 to expand its R&D capacity.


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