Acer confirmed yet another cyberattack on a server in Taiwan after an Indian office was attacked by the same group within a week. Desorden Group-This [Alleged liability](// About both attacks-Part of the reason for contacting ZDNet and launching the second attack is “Acer is a global network of vulnerable servers, with cybersecurity impacts on data protection far behind.” He said it was to prove that. Acer spokesman Steven Chung told ZDNet that the company recently detected “a single attack on a local after-sales service system in India and a further attack in Taiwan.” “As soon as it was detected, we started a security protocol and performed a full scan of the system. The attacked Taiwanese system does not contain customer data, but could be affected by India. We are informing all of our customers, “said Chung. “This case has been reported to local law enforcement agencies and relevant authorities and has no significant impact on our business and business continuity,” he added. The group said it had hacked Acer’s Taiwanese server, which stores employee data and product information. “We didn’t steal all the data, we only got the data about the employee details. Immediately after the breach, we notified Acer’s management about the server breach in Taiwan, after which Acer was affected. I took the server offline, “the group said in an email. ZDNet. “Also, some other global networks, including servers in Malaysia and Indonesia, are vulnerable.” The group did not mention the amount of data stolen in this attack and did not answer the question of what the ultimate goal was for these breaches. Acer has had a tough year and is suffering from a cybersecurity perspective [March ransomware attack](// This resulted in an unprecedented $ 50 million ransom demand. It’s unclear if Acer has ever paid the ransom. Last week, an attack on the company’s server in India stole a 60GB file by the Desorden Group. [Claimed an attack](// On the Malaysian server of ABX Express Enterprise in September. Acer India was hit by a similar cyberattack by a Turkish cybercriminal group in 2012. [According to](// .. The attacker tampered with the company’s website, leaking 20,000 user credentials at that time. Taiwanese officials have notified that Acer was hit by a second cyberattack within a week