Chinese Internet search engine (BIDU) plans to launch a new advertising product, "Brand-Link," which will generate a range of brand-specific content when Internet users search for the brand names that subscribe to this new product.

A Baidu search for a brand name that subscribes to Baidu's Brand-Link will generate a wide range of brand-related specific content, including news reports, promotional announcements, product information and marketing campaigns. Baidu expects this product to generate increasing traffic and enhance brand recognition for its online marketing customers.

"Baidu's new Brand-Link demonstrates that an innovative search engine can become an increasingly important channel for showcasing brand images," said Haoyu Shen, Baidu's VP of Business Operations. "Baidu's cutting-edge technology and focus on understanding our users allow us to develop the most efficient and relevant advertising products for our expanding base of brand advertisers. We believe that our innovative integration of search and brand advertising will provide an effective marketing means for our customers."

The company has not provided a specific date on when this service will be available.


  1. Google is still getting hammered by Baidu in China and it makes me think that maybe this is the beginning of the end for Google elsewhere in the world.


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