Feng Hongzhang, director of the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of China's Ministry of Commerce, said at a recent meeting the Ministry of Commerce is willing to subsidize Chinese IT enterprises that plan to expand overseas.

Feng said that MC has issued many incentive polices, including arranging exhibitions in other countries, organizing business exploration trips and investment activities in foreign countries. It has also launched some favorable financial policies in support of Chinese IT enterprises' activities abroad in cooperation with China's Ministry of Finance.

Feng said that MC welcomes any Chinese IT enterprises to directly report to MC or report through the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce if they encounter any difficulties abroad and MC would like to provide support to them.

Chinese government departments, including Ministry of Information Industry, MC and CECC, have been actively supporting Chinese IT enterprises' efforts in globalizing their businesses or products. Technology companies like Lenovo and Haier have already become well-known brands in some foreign countries.


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