DoubleClick will provide its DART for Advertisers service to target and measure advertisers' exposure and hit rates on VODone websites and VODone Broadcasting Union System for online video advertising.

Advertisers of VODone will be able to have a reliable source of information to monitor the effectiveness of advertisements placed through VODone BUS and understand the responses and habits of page viewers.

The preferred advertisements will be delivered to web browsers to increase exposure and revenue while expanding consumer traffic. The agreement will further enhance the effectiveness and ability TMD2 to target advertisers and increase adspend in the form of video clips, text links, ad banners, badges or buttons on the VODONE BUS platform.

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. Zhang Lijun, chairman of VODone, said in a prss release, "We are pleased and excited about our agreement with DoubleClick as we enter the next phase of our development as a leading Internet video broadcasting platform. We anticipate that by establishing this additional strategic partnership that we will further strengthen our competitive edge. The strategy will increase the number of advertisers using the VODone BUS platform, boost consumer page views and expand traffic flow where advertisements using VODone BUS are shown. The increase in advertisers, accuracy of audience preferences and precision will all serve increase overall revenue to the Group."


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