China Unicom has selected InnoPath's Integrated Mobile Device Management solution for firmware-over-the-air updates, advanced customer care, and security.

"As the China Unicom subscriber base has grown and we have enhanced the sophistication of our value added service offerings, we see a growing need for Mobile Device Management," said Liu Ninnin, general manager of Telecom Products at Neusoft, the system integrator. "After a thorough evaluation, we chose InnoPath integrated mobile device management due to its maturity and reliability. By integrating InnoPath technology into their network, China Unicom will be able to provide subscribers with complete handset lifecycle management, ensuring a better user experience while at the same time easing the introduction of new revenue generating services."

These mobile device management applications will be tied together through iMDM's unique workflow capability, permitting China Unicom to adapt the solution on-the-fly to its business processes. This deployment is a testament to the scalability, stability, and Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA-DM) standards compliance of InnoPath's server platform.


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