Chinese game development firm Giant Interactive (GA) announced its partnership with Huawei Technologies to research server platforms for online game applications.

Wei Liu, president of Giant commented, "By partnering with Huawei, we will continue to optimize our gaming technology and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Going forward, we will continue to seek opportunities to partner with large companies with international presence to gain technological advances that will further improve the services and the overall gaming experience for our end users. We remain committed to our focused strategy, including our emphasis on internal R&D and technology capabilities, optimizing our operating efficiency, and exploring all available avenues to build Giant into a globally influential online entertainment developer and operator."

By leveraging its extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, Huawei will collaborate with Giant on developing next generation computing platforms to improve maintenance, customer service, as well as the end users' overall game experience. Specifically, Huawei will provide advanced hardware and customizable software, while Giant will leverage its in-depth knowledge of the Chinese online game industry to provide various parameters for game server operation and optimization.


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