Wang Jianzhou, CEO of China Mobile (CHL), said at a press conference that China Mobile will serve the Beijing Olympic Games with its TD-SCDMA network and it will donate 15,000 TD-SCDMA mobile phones and the same amount of UCIM cards to Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee.

From April 1, China Mobile began to test its TD-SCDMA network which is known as the third generation mobile communications standard of China in eight Chinese cities. Wang says that China Mobile will release the detailed information regarding the testing and the commercial use of TD-SCDMA soon.

The eight Chinese cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Qinhuangdao. Users in these cities can subscribe to the 3G service by purchasing a mobile phone number prefixed with 157. The fee for local outgoing calls is CNY0.4 per minute and it is free for answering incoming calls. China Mobile said that it would offer users 50% discounts for the service during the trial commercial period.

WJ Communications, a supplier of radio frequency products and solutions for the wireless infrastructure and radio frequency identification reader markets, announced it will start shipping TD-SCDMA Multi Chip Module chipsets to China in the first quarter of 2008. Additional deliveries are anticipated later in 2008 to support China's TD-SCDMA roll-out.

Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access is a 3G mobile telecommunications standard used in China. In addition to the semi-custom TD-SCDMA MCM, WJ has various devices ideal for the TD-SCDMA platform including WJ's small signal solutions consisting of Mixers, 5V Drivers, and 28V Power Amplifiers.


  1. So is this in addition to the 20,000 handsets being given away for commercial trials, or does it mean that 3/4 of the trial handsets are going to the Olympic organisers?


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