In response to domain name owners' complaints on the difficulty in transferring domain names, China Internet Network Information Center has issued a circular to each of the major domain name registration service providers, in which it reiterates that domain name owners can freely alter their registration information so long as their initial registration was more than 60 days ago and it is 15 days in advance of the expiration of their domain name.

In addition, the domain name owners should not owe any operation fee to the domain name registrars or their domain name should not be involved in any disputes.

According to China's Domain Name Registration Service Institution Alteration Rule, the registration service provider shall provide the domain name owner the correct transfer password within three work days after receiving their alteration application and must not charge any fee from them. In addition, the rule stipulates that after the alteration is done, the transferee shall pay one year's operation fee to CNNIC and the validity term of the domain name will be extended for one more year based on the original one.

This circular means that the registration service provider must not charge any fee from the domain name owner for the alteration of the information.


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