According to Xu Muhan, executive director and executive vice general manager of China Travel Service Hong Kong, the agency is planning to get it subsidiary listed.

At the same time, China Travel Service Hong Kong is expected to return to the A-shares market, though there is no detailed schedule.

In April 2007, a report of JP Morgan pointed out that the high level of China Travel Service Hong Kong had confirmed the news that would be listed abroad. JP Morgan says that is one of the top three tourism websites in China and it may seek a listing in NASDAQ in 2008 or 2009.

In regards to the performance of China Travel Service Hong Kong, Xu says that the shortening of the Labor Day holiday in mainland China caused a 20% decrease of the number of tourists. However, the annual results will not be affected for the total holidays are expected to be extended.

Zhang Xuewu, president of China Travel Service Hong Kong, says that during the Sichuan earthquake, the company sent 20 tour groups to the affected areas, but all of the groups have returned safely. The company will temporarily suspend travel services related to Sichuan Province and the impact on its business is not possible to be evaluated at this time.



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