At the Olympic New Media Property Rights Protection Forum organized by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, over one hundred online media in China, including,, and, signed the Olympic New Media Property Rights Protection Beijing Manifesto to jointly prevent infringement and piracy during broadcasting of the Olympics in August 2008.

The Manifesto says that 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be broadcast through new media, but websites needs to obtain an authorization; implement the Olympic Property Rights Protection Rule; respect the interests of Olympic partners and certified broadcasting institutions; and regard Olympic property rights protection as an important part of Olympic Games broadcasting.

Li Zhu, president of, says that signing of the Manifesto is significant for increasing the public's awareness of Olympic property rights protection and promoting the orderly and healthy development of the Olympic economy.

The signing of the Manifesto is an outgrowth also of the newly published "Internet Video and Audio Program Service Management Rule".


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