Chinese online game developer Perfect World (PWRD) has inked a new licensing agreement with Malaysia's Cubinet Interactive to license the "Chi Bi" game in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

"Chi Bi" is a 3D MMORPG developed by Perfect World which is based on the Three Kingdoms period in the Chinese history. The Company is co-promoting "Chi Bi" alongside the movie "Red Cliff," which has the same Chinese name as "Chi Bi," in mainland China with China Film Group Corporation. Cubinet will work with Perfect World on the localization of "Chi Bi" after signing the licensing agreement. To meet the needs of various local markets, "Chi Bi" will be introduced in different languages including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, and Thai.

"Cubinet is one of Perfect World's major overseas partners," stated Michael Chi, chairman and CEO of Perfect World. "I believe the response we have seen from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore for our previously licensed games can be largely attributed to Cubinet's strong operating capabilities. Given that ‘Chi Bi' has been well-received in China's online game market and that Cubinet has extensive experience in operating games in South East Asia, I believe this agreement will be another success."


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