China Telecom (CHA) says that its president and chief operating officer Leng Rongquan has resigned.

Shangbing and Chen Xiaowei, who formerly worked in China Unicom, have been appointed as the COO and executive vice president, respectively. Compared with Leng Rongquan, who does not have any mobile management experience, Shangbing and Chen Xiaowei have been senior managers of China Unicom since the planning stage of China Unicom (BVI) Limited. The changes in top management of China Telecom show that the company will now pay more attention to its mobile businesses.

Before being appointed president and COO of China Telecom, Leng Rongquan was vice general engineer of the Directorate-General of China Post and Telecommunications, deputy director general of Directorate-General of China Post and Telecommunications, vice general manager of China Telecom Group, secretary of the party group of China Netcom Group and vice president of China Netcom.

Shangbing has been board member of China Unicom Group and president of China Unicom (BVI) Limited. Yang Xiaowei has been executive director and vice president of China Unicom (BVI) Limited and president of Unicom Vsens.


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