has recently launched its Storm Codec 2008 version, marking the company's entry into the Internet video sector in China.

According to Feng Xin, CEO of, the new Storm Codec 2008 covers nearly all video broadcast service models, including local broadcasts, online broadcasts, online orders and high-definition orders. It has been completely upgraded to be one of the biggest video broadcast platforms in China.

Compared with other video websites in China, says it has advantages. For example, the company says it can broadcast video files in almost all formats. Compared with the former versions, the greatest change for Storm Codec 2008 is the new online broadcast service. On the basis of its video broadcast client and through the cooperation with companies such as and PPS, plans to target more than 20 million videos to become its users.

Feng says that since the launch of Storm Codec 2008, it has brought more than 30 million video hits to its partners over the three months. In the next half year, the number will be increased to more than 100 million. In regards to profits, is expected to make monthly revenue of CNY10 million through video advertisements by the end of 2008. In the first half of 2009, its total advertisement income will hopefully reach CNY100 million — still a paltry sum compared to traditional television commercial spends.


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