China Mobile's (CHL) Sichuan branch has completed the mobile communications coverage in 21 cities, 451 towns and 4389 villages that were affected by the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake along with the 492 temporal residences and China Mobile will invest about CNY5.6 billion for post-disaster reconstruction.

Under the general principles of plan, the post-disaster communications reconstruction will need a total investment of CNY5.6 billion in the next three years. The goals for this reconstruction project are to set up advanced, practical, safe and reliable communications infrastructures; to raise the safety level of the basic supporting facilities; to enhance the network's capacity for disaster contingencies; and to meet the communications demand of the disaster areas.

The major tasks for the communications reconstruction in 2008 is to recover the communications network to the pre-disaster level, to optimize the layout of the communications facilities, to enhance the network's capacity to withstand high traffic, to summarize the experiences for communications securing gained from the earthquake relief, and to develop and establish a emergency communications system based on wireless communications methods.


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