Beijing Consumers' Association and Beijing Electronic and Electrical Appliance Association have started an initiative called "Our Consumption and Responsibility 2008".

Eleven household electric appliance companies like Changhong, Haier, Gree and TCL have participated in the activity and promised a new return policy during the Beijing Summer Olympic Games namely "Return With No Questions Asked". Products that have not had their packaging opened within 24 hours after purchase can be returned without any reason; products that are opened but remain unused and can be resold and returned with no questions asked. But small appliances are not included and it is still unclear what sort of product will qualify as a small appliance.

Vice chairman of BEEAA Deng Changhao says the new policy is close to the spending habits of foreign consumers; it is also an upgrade of service concept for domestic companies.

Meanwhile, the Household Electric Appliances Consumption Service Green Channel established by BCA and BEEAA will open on August 1, 2008. The main duties of the Green Channel will include: dealing with consultations and complaints from consumers; dealing with consultations from household appliance companies; mediating consumer disputes; promoting policies and regulations on product quality assurance and consumers' right; and introducing dynamic information about household appliance service. Once there is dispute, BCA and BEEAA will deal with it together with the consumer and the company.


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