Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / [Twitter] / Coverage / Instagram / Discord ARM is considered one of the largest semiconductor firms. Intellectual property (IP) ships millions of new chips for phones, cars, microcontrollers, servers, etc. El CEO of the ARM China, Allen Wu, has reportedly seized control of ARM’s Chinese trading company, ARM China. Wu has been accused of trying to launch his own company, Alphatecture, using his position at ARM China to do just that. According to the information, companies were offered discounts on ARM China products if they invested in Alphatecture. Investors and ARM agreed to expel Wu for this behavior with a 7-1 vote in favor, but Wu still possessed the company’s seal, which makes him legally their representative under Chinese law. Allen Wu hired private security to prevent ARM employees from entering ARM China, laid off employees who would not want to see him take over the company, and has sued ARM China to declare his expulsion as CEO illegal. ARM responded by refusing to transfer any of its IPs from its new products. The newest of the CPUs that ARM China has access to is the Cortex-A77. Wu responded back by stating at an event that ARM Limited is a great success and would be shipping new products soon. Softbank, in 2018, agreed to cede control of ARM’s operations in China to the joint ARM China project. ARM / Softbank owns 49% from company while its Chinese counterpart of 51%. The Chinese government’s goal with the union, according to Nikkei Asia, is “To secure sources of technology, especially sensitive chips that could go to government or other security uses,” said an anonymous executive. “China doesn’t need to worry about whether countries like the United States could somehow pressure ARM to provide less support for Chinese companies.” Experts assure that the root of this problem starts at Softbank with a short vision of only short-term profits. It is unclear how much pressure was put on Softbank to form the union, but this appears to be one of the most blatant cases of intellectual property theft ever seen. The Chinese arm of the company has gotten out of control and refuses to obey the rules of its own executive board. The head of the company is basically treating it as his own kingdom, and the Chinese authorities appear to have taken no action against Allen Wu. While ARM China does not currently have full access to ARMv9 or other ARM IPs, it appears that the company will try to use previously transferred assets to begin its transformation to an “independent company”. Nvidia will have to see if it comes to any form of agreement with the company’s renegade entity in an effort to buy ARM, but that effort will need to pass European Union (EU) scrutiny before any talks can be achieved. The EU has recently said that it will investigate the union of the ARM-Nvidia case. While Nvidia has said that it will work with the European Commission to resolve any concerns they may have. We remind you that Ruetir.com There is also Instagram and Twitter as @RuetirNews Follow us! (Source) Editorial: Trends / Facebook / [Twitter] / Coverage / Instagram / Discord fbq('init', '1178021828893715'); fbq('track', 'PageView'); .