The Olympic Radio Management Joint Office has issued a radio control order, which says that during the 2008 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, the radio transmitting equipment in Beijing will be controlled during eight time periods.

According to the order, in certain periods such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games and during the road cycling and the marathon, radio transmitting will be limited. During the control periods, any radio transmitting equipment, no matter with or without a license, must observe the control order. Of these periods, the radio control from 24:00, August 8, to 23:59, September 18, is the strictest. During that time, all areas of Beijing, with exceptions of Fangshan and Mentougou, must stop using any radio transmitting equipment, including amateur ham radio stations; remote control devices of motor and airplane models; and campus FM radio stations, in the frequency band of 400MHz.

In addition, all wireless stations, including TV stations, radars and shortwave stations within 100 kilometers around the city must be operated strictly in accordance to their approved frequencies and antenna heights. All these technical parameters should not be changed.

Within one kilometer around the Olympic stadiums, all outdoor band wireless stations and illegal outdoor wireless LANs must stop operation. Within 500 meters around the Olympic stadiums, all large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment that have radio wave radiation must be stopped.


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