What's up, what are you doing? Participating in the Olympics, and you?

According to a spokesperson from China Mobile (CHL), during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, the peak number of calls emanating from China Mobile's network in the National Stadium and the Olympic central area reached 110,065 each hour.

The spokesperson says that the call peak value, which is 1.9 times greater than the last Athens Olympics, appeared over the 60 minutes before the opening ceremony. During the opening ceremony, a total number of about 250,000 China Mobile users in the National Stadium and the surrounding areas were making phone calls. Of thsoe, the number of international roaming service users was 22,829. The overall phone traffic was maintained under the security limit and it was much lower than the designed capacity of China Mobile's network system. The successful connection rate of China Mobile's network reached 100% and the disconnection rate was only 0.27%, which had reached the international advanced level.

At the same time, about 7,000 users in Beijing used the TD-SCDMA network at the night of August 8, of which more than 800 were video calls.


  1. Were those real Chinese phone calls or fake calls? You know that the cute girl on the tv during the opening was not the real singer so I doubt now any type of data coming from Beijing.


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