An internal email circulating at Microsoft (MSFT) states the company will launch strict anti-piracy measures in China from October 20, 2008 to fight pirated Windows XP Professional and Office software.

According to the local Chinese media reports that referenced the internal email, Microsoft China will launch two new important updates which will include the genuine advantage notifications of Windows XP Professional and Office. The two notifications will be automatically downloaded in users' computers through the software update.

After the software update, computers with unauthorized Windows XP Professional will show a black screen when starting the computer and the users have to reset the background to realize normal use, but the black screen will reoccur every 60 minutes. In addition, when logging into the pirated system, there will be a notification at the right corner, saying "You may be a victim of software counterfeiting".

For users of unauthorized Microsoft Office software, they need to shift to a genuine version or the menu bar of their Office programs such as Word and Excel will be marked with an obvious pirated software sign in 30 days.


  1. Great!! There's a new FREE version similar to MS office called openoffice 3.0. Support opensource. it supports all types of docs including word?excel, ppt and pdf formats!

  2. We Chinese has our own and famous office software "WPS office" by Kingsoft. This one is only 28M, compatible with MS office, smaller than open office, free of charge for the personal edition, …

  3. yes,we chinese have our best office package developded by KINGSOFT,what is need of MICROSOFT'S office for us.those countries who don't have their own office package,they use ms's,we are the best software producing country in the world..cheers…

  4. It's time to open up to Linux and Open Source folks! I've been using Linux for more than 10 years now and It's just as good, even better than MS!

  5. blah blah linux blah blah blah. on to more important things… the chinese government insists that microsoft lower their cost to reflect the economic difference between developed and developing nations… hey isn't that basically communism? they want subsidized software? well have your government do it then. i'm an american and i can barely afford windows but no one is giving me a discount because of my economic situation. you got caught pirating and at least they aren't taking you to court so get over it. next time disable automatic updates morons. oh and buying windows from a guy on the corner or a sidewalk shop should have been a big tip off that it wasn't legit.


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