UCWEB Technology, a Chinese mobile phone software technology provider, has formally announced that Lei Jun, former CEO of Kingsoft, will become the company's new president.

After resigning his position as Kingsoft's CEO in December 2007, Lei also announced his departure as executive director of Kingsoft at the end of August 2008. Commenting on his new company UCWEB, Lei says mobile Internet is a development trend for the future. Although, even in the international community, there is no mature model to learn from in this sector, Lei says he hopes he can lead UCWEB to be the best mobile Internet technology provider in China within five years.

In regards to the joining of Lei, Yu Yongfu, CEO of UCWEB, says that Lei will bring his experience and forward-thinking into UCWEB in various aspects, including strategic direction, corporation management, and market operation.

UCWEB was founded in 2005 and over nearly four years' development, its software products are downloaded and used by more than 50 million mobile phone users around the world and its daily pageviews have claimed to top 300 million.


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