According to Zhang Yijun, director for the Technology and Digital Publishing Division of the General Administration of Press and Publication of China, China's online game anti-addiction work has been progressing smoothly and a real name certification system will be launched soon.

Zhang says at the end of 2008, an anti-addiction test was implemented on 59 online games run by influential Chinese game companies and the pass rate reached 95%. Only four companies were closed for failing to meet the standards. In 2009, China will continue to promote the online game anti-addiction system and launch the real name certification system, hoping to raise online game companies' attention to accelerate the development of relevant software. The real name system will ensure that gamers register to play games using their real names and real identification.

Zhang emphasizes that GAPP will give special support to original Chinese games. For example, in an online game cooperation deal, if the legitimate rights of the Chinese party were harmed by the foreign party and the case was accepted by a Chinese court, China would suspend the approval of the game until the problem was settled.

In addition, the administration will enhance supervision over unhealthy contents added without authorization by online game operators while fighting illegal private servers to protect the intellectual property of online games and boost the business interests of Chinese companies.


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