China's first China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting provincial operator Shandong Zhongguang Communication Company was established on February 24, 2009, which represents the start of CMMB operation at the Chinese provincial level.

CMMB is a mobile multimedia broadcasting technology developed under the leadership of China's State Administration of Radio Film and Television. In 2008, the national operating company of CMMB, China Satellite Mobile Broadcasting Corporation, was founded with registered capital of more than CNY400 million.

As China's first licensed CMMB provincial operator, Shandong Zhongguang is a joint venture established by China Satellite Mobile Broadcasting Corporation, Shandong Radio and TV Station and radio and TV departments of 17 cities.

The joint venture will be reportedly created as a model company to define the operational model of CMMB provincial operators and to promote the operation of CMMB to the entire country

At present, with mobile phones or digital TV receivers equipped with CMMB chips, users in most cities in Shandong are able to watch CCTV-1, CCTV-3, CCTV-5, CCTV-9, CCTV Children's Channel, CCTV News Channel, and a local channel. Some cities also open broadcasting channels.


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