Chinese webgame Rexue Sanguo has select as its new official operator, because its former operator Hangzhou Legang Technology was closed by the Chinese government at the beginning of March for promotion of pornography.

The servers for Rexue Sanguo, which is reportedly one of the top webgames in China, was re-opened at midday on March 7, 2009.

Rexue Sanguo was criticized by China's Ministry of Culture in January for pornographic promotion and the server of its official operator Hangzhou Legang Technology was completely terminated at the beginning of this month. According to a report published by, Legang Technology has transferred the operating rights of Rexue Sanguo to and the company has completed the building of its servers.

A representative from Legang says the old usernames registered on Legang's website are compatible with the new server and the files of former players will all be maintained. Before the game was closed, the company sealed the accounts the all users to avoid losses during the period of closure. In addition, after the new server is opened, all players will receive a gift of 800 game ingots, which are equal to CNY100.

During the recent government examination, Legang Technology and its certification as a game operator were re-checked by relevant departments and its webgame information website was also closed. At present, the examination is almost finished and the operation of is expected to recover soon. Legang says after the website is recovered, it will continue to use its platform to promote Rexue Sanguo.


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