Google China has announced plans to cooperate with Chinese music website to provide free and legitimate music search service for Chinese Internet users.

Google China says that China is the only country where Google offers the free and legitimate music search service.

Dr. Lee Kai-Fu, president of Google in greater China, said that keeping music search away from piracy from the source is the basis for Google's music search innovation and long term development.

It is learned that Google China is developing a voice search MP3 technology which aims to enable users to search for music they want by "singing the song", however, Google has not launched the technology on the new search service though it features such functions as selecting a song or similar music. It says these functions can help find user's favorite music according to the rhythm, tone or even network adapter.

As an important partner of Google, has established cooperation with the four major music companies of Sony Music, Warner Music, EMI and Universal Music, more than 140 album companies, four major international music publishers as well as the Music Copyright Society of China. To date, it has been granted the right to distribute more than 1.1 million pieces of music.


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