Chinese telecom equipment provider ZTE Corporation has signed a cooperative agreement with the Japanese mobile operator Willcom to provide ZTE's 3G data card product MF633 to users in Japan.

As the fourth largest mobile operator in Japan, Willcom is also the largest personal handyphone system operator in the country with 4.6 million users and great influence in the Japanese market.

At the beginning of 2009, the two parties signed a memorandum of cooperation for Time Division Duplex technologies, including XGP, to implement close cooperation to boost market share in this industry.

Zhang Yadong, general manager for ZTE Corporation's mobile broadband device product line, told local media that this cooperation highlights ZTE's business achievement in the high-end overseas market and marks a milestone in the company's overall strategic business roadmap. ZTE is now working with partners in the three major high-end markets, including Europe, North America, and Japan.

ZTE's MF633 data card carries Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OS platforms and supports HSPA/UMTS and EDGE/GPRS/GSM network technologies. It achieves an uplink rate of 5.76Mbps and a downlink rate of 7.2Mbps.


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