Companies operating in Beijing the past few weeks already know that life has been a hassle as the city prepares to celebrate the 60th anniversary of China. Businesses have been ordered closed on certain days, main thoroughfares have shuttered, and public transportation along some bus and subway lines has stopped. Now certain radio transmissions are ready to close, too.

According to an announcement from the government of Beijing, the city will implement 24-hour radio control in some of its areas during the National Day of China on October 1, 2009. The actual full official holiday lasts from October 1-8, with companies resuming business throughout China on October 9.

With exceptions to radio stations that are approved by radio management administrations and are directly used for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the country, other radio stations set and used by units or individuals should follow certain temporary rules.

First, taking Tiananmen as its center, use of radio devices, including radio interphones, VHF amateur radio stations, wireless microphones, outdoor base stations of wireless local area networks, wireless spread spectrum outdoor stations, and internal wireless paging centers, should be suspended in areas within the limit set by the four lines from Changhong Bridge to Huawei Bridge on the East Third Ring road; from Guanyuan Bridge to Caihuying Bridge on the West Second Ring road; from Ping'an Street and its east extension line to Chonghong Bridge; and from the South Second Ring road and its east extension line to Huawei Bridge. The use of large non-radio equipment that will have radiation of radio waves will also be limited in these areas.

Next, use of all vehicle-mounted amateur radio stations, campus FM radio stations, wireless paging centers, FM transposer stations, model remote control equipment, and launch systems with the paging mode should be suspended within the entire city.

Also, microwave links that will cross the Tiananmen parade area and broadcasting, radar, and shortwave radio stations should not change their approved technical parameters.

During the radio control period, if radio equipment that is not included in the mentioned range interferes with the 60th anniversary celebration, the responsible work unit, company or individual should immediately eliminate the interference in accordance with the requirement of the radio control administrations. Those who violate these rules will be punished in accordance to the related regulations and laws.


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