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One of the most common types of user-generated comments left on comes from angry buyers of electronics sold via the Internet by companies in China.

In August 2007, ran a story titled "Chinese Mobile Phone Manufacturers Fighting Counterfeits", and it has since gathered dozens of comments from global buyers of fake phones made in China. A common refrain is that the buyers purchased what they thought were real phones, only to receive junk in the mail. Many other commenters paid for their phones via a bank transfer, but they claim they never received their phones.

And on a news brief originally published in 2004 titled "China's Consumers Can Now Complain Online", one user succinctly stated a common gripe: "i was robbed". He, along with others on the comment thread, left details of their predicaments. They provide names of the alleged thieving companies, bank details of the culprits, and some have left concise address and phone information of the Chinese companies who apparently have wronged buyers around the world.

Hundreds of comments freckle with information about online sourcing scams in China. Buyers are almost as frustrated with their experiences as the editors at are bewildered by the naivete of these people buying products on the Internet. People have shared stories of buying laptops for their companies in the United States from sellers in China, only to never receive those laptops after they wired full payment to a bank account in China. With so many people complaining, an injection of reality is necessary to help solve some of these problems.

One solution is to use a respected middleman to buy products in China. Services like or provide payment escrow and qualified seller options. The rationale behind using these types of websites is that they are thought to be a buffer to filter out any illegitimate sellers. But sometimes Alibaba and Dhgate have their own problems.

On September 14, 2007, tokziebee leaves a comment on "i transfered money $1000 to and uptill now i have not gotten my goods,how come china cant do something about his scam people?" Exactly two years later, on September 14, 2009, Uri comments: "I have complaint about DHGATE.COM in such they fails to give feedbacks on BAD sellers! Suggests you contact they see already when they can not give back detail for BUYER!!"

And on May 7, 2008, a commenter ridicules "Alibaba don’t doing anything to help customers because China suppliers paying a good money to Alibaba. Hundreds and hundreds complain about that Gold Alibaba members stolid money from customers. Allibaba site don’t have any feedback policy." and both have feedback loops and online forums where they collect data on bad seller experiences. Building a credible marketplace is key for these types of online services to continue operating and to retain the trust of buyers around the world. But buyers must still be wary whenever conducting any transaction with a company located overseas.

Another solution then is to use a credit card, rather than a bank transfer, when paying for products purchased online from Chinese merchants. Credit card companies can sometimes help to recover lost goods, insure damaged products, or reimburse money to buyers for products never received. But when making online payments with a credit card, buyers must still be careful to not provide their personal details to fraudulent websites or to websites that lack secure payment options such as Extended Validation SSL Certificates.

Finally, the best solution is for buyers to trust their own research. Buyers must always conduct their own due diligence. Do other buyers also complain about this seller in China? Does the deal seem too good to be true? Is the Chinese seller soliciting business through the use of spam email? If the product breaks, can the buyer easily get the product fixed?


  1. I have a better idea. Do not buy ANYTHING from a Chinese company over the net until Chinese law enforcement gets there act together. Trying to figure out who is good and who is bad is an exercise in futility. Simply ignore ALL China web businesses until legitimate businesses in China force their Govt to be responsible.

  2. I purchased goods from
    1.Bank Transfer
    -Bank name:Bank of China
    -Address: No.49 ZhongShan Road GuiLin City GuangXi Province China
    -A/C holder's name: YuJingHui
    -A/C No.:480594101880274501
    -Swift code: BKCHCNBJ49C
    Receiver name is Jinghui Yu
    Address: NO. 108 YuanYangKeJi haidian District BeiJing China
    I paid via Western Union and now my goods are in Customs??
    I was never informed about any new regulations and I have requsted a refund, but NOTHING!
    I am seriously disappointed with this company. My first business venture with China, even India are more advanced!
    Can someone look into this for me??

  3. Hello, I have recently try to purchase from an ex company by the name of Shanghai Yuetai Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Rm. 208, Building 7, No. 28, Nanhang Highway, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian Dist,Shanghai,china
    86-13030 -853568

    This is a bogus company and they are using the website address: This company has stolen $360.00 + $36.00 for the western union payment. Please don not buy from this company and any other without verifying. The person who picks up the money name is Bing Li and here is some additional information ffor there emails:
    [email protected] Hachya
    [email protected]

    [email protected] ms Chessy

    [email protected]

    [email protected] Ms Bonnie
    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected] Ms Angelia
    [email protected]

    [email protected] ms Valena
    [email protected]

    [email protected] ms Fabiola
    [email protected]

    Please be careful of this company.

  4. Hi, i am very upset. I was trying to buy an apple i pad 2 from i sent them money by western union and never got it, i have all the papers with the receiver name, it was just a scam. What should i do? I don`t want to lose my money and other people get screwed. Waiting for your reply, thanks

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