China Mobile, one of the major mobile communications solution providers in China, has issued a bulletin which states that the company will launch an initiative on its MobileMarket platform to reward mobile application developers and to promote the online business of mobile application.

The reward is available to all registered developers of China Mobile's developer community. China Mobile says it will offer CNY100,000 to enterprise developers whose applications have been downloaded 100,000 times within a given period. It will give a maximum of CNY50,000 to individual developers whose application is downloaded 50,000 times.

On August 7, 2009, China Mobile began to collect various mobile phone applications on MobileMarket in the hope of creating a large industry chain. On August 17, the company formally launched MobileMarket as a platform to encourage developers to develop various mobile phone application products. Since its formal launch, China Mobile's MobileMarket has now featured 1683 application products, including 191 software, 438 games and 1054 themes.


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