China Mobile has published its user statistics for October 2009 and states it gained 654,000 new 3G users during the month, reaching an overall 3G user base of 2.31 million.

Meanwhile, it reported total mobile users of 513.5 million, with 5.09 million new users added in October.

Wang Jianzhou, chairman of China Mobile, said the company's goal is to gain three million 3G users by the end of 2009. By 2011, it is expected to have 30 million low-end 3G users, 50 million medium-end 3G users, and 85 million high-end 3G users.

Another Chinese telecom operator, China Unicom, has also published its user statistics for October, stating that it gained 801,000 new GSM users in October, reaching the total number of 144 million; and the number of its 3G users was 1.021 million, including 215,000 wireless network interface card users.

For fixed line business, the number of China Unicom's local telephone users decreased by 947,000 to 106 million in October 2009; while its broadband users increased by 539,000 to 38 million.


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