Can you believe it's already been 10 years!?, and its previous incarnations of China Internet Forum and China Internet Update, started in 1999 and burst out onto the scene in a big way in 2000 — we have witnessed the entire decade of technology tribulations and techno-fads in China!

So to test your Chinese technology savvy, we have compiled a list of 20 quiz questions to verify if you have what it takes to be a true techno-geek in China.

1) What was the original name for Chinese Internet portal

2) In what year did China announce it would join international enforcement efforts against spam by adopting the London Action Plan on Spam Enforcement Collaboration?

3) In what year did a major accounting and Internet advertising fraud scandal devastate and help cause its stock to drop to below USD1.00?

4) In the late 1990s, what now-deceased online Web company was the first to call themselves "The eBay of China"? Hint: it was not

5) In what year did the China Internet Network Information Center report that China had 68 million Internet users?

6) In March 2008, CDC Software signed an agreement to acquire a 51% stake in which Hong Kong-based vendor of ERP systems designed for small and medium-sized manufacturers in China?

7) At the end of 2003, which Chinese software firm licensed Palm OS to distribute Palm Powered mobile devices in China?

8) According to data from Thomson Financial, which Chinese technology company had the highest first-day initial public offering gain since the shares of chip maker Transmeta Corporation rose 115% in November 2000?

9) With the launch in June 2005 of five new laptop computers based on Intel's chipset, which Chinese manufacturer publicly officially ended its cooperation with AMD?

10) In April 2009, which Chinese telecommunications company announced plans to sell assets in five previously-purchased hotels?

11) In which hotel and in which city did first publicly announce its investment from in 1999?

12) Which Chinese government agency in the middle of 2005 banned foreign investment in local radio and television projects with the statute called "Regulations on Foreign Affairs Work Management at Local Radio, Film and Television Organizations"?

13) While the Enterprise Income Tax law went into effect in 2008 to set a blanket profit tax rate of 25% for businesses in China, what is the English name of the special certification that is available to high-caliber technology companies to lower their taxes to only 15%?

14) In February 2007, Chinese online game operator Shanda entered into an exclusive agreement with South Korean online game developer Actoz for the license to operate which massive multiplayer online game?

15) Publicis Groupe announced its acquisition of which 200-person Chinese interactive marketing agency in the middle of 2007?

16) Which Chinese stock market analyst in 2003 first broke the news that Chinese technology stocks listed in places like Nasdaq were being inflated via "black market" means?

17) In which Chinese city did Apple open its first self-owned retail store?

18) David Ho formally departed from his position on October 31, 2008, as chairman of the Greater China operations for what foreign mobile company?

19) Why did Shaanxi-based China E-commerce Info Tech Company sue Microsoft at the end of 2008 for patent infringement?

20) What is the name of China's first Taikonaut?

2) 2005
3) 2001
5) 2003
6) Integrated Solutions Limited
7) Founder Technology Group
8) International Ltd. in 2003
9) Amoi
10) China Netcom
11) Kempinski Hotel, Beijing
12) State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
13) High and New Technology Enterprise Certification
14) LaTale
15) Communication Central Group
16) Wu Qihua
17) Beijing
18) Nokia Siemens Networks
19) China E-commerce stated Microsoft adopted RSS technology in the Vista operating system without China E-commerce's authorization
20) Yang Liwei


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