According to reports in foreign media, Chinese PC maker Lenovo has launched its new ThinkPad Edge series based on AMD's microprocessor and it is reportedly the first time for Lenovo to adopt AMD's chips in its notebook products.

With a slimmer design, simplified keyboard, and bigger keys, the ThinkPad Edge series provide screens of three specifications and three colors. Its starting price in the U.S. market is USD549. Charles Sune, manager for Lenovo's ThinkPad department, said that the ThinkPad Edge series mainly targets small and medium-sized enterprises, and its main sales points are design and aesthetic features.

Lenovo said by adding AMD's Neo chips to its ThinkPad notebooks, it can offer these products at lower prices. At the same time, it will continue to provide other products with Intel chips.

Lenovo also launched a new entry-level ThinkPad notebook for corporate users. This new product is expected to fill the gap between netbooks and notebooks.

As one of the top PC makers in the world, Lenovo's shipment in the third quarter of 2009 increased by 18% and it achieved sales of USD4.1 billion during the same period.


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