Baidu Wireless, a service of Chinese search engine Baidu, has signed a proposal letter with about a hundred of mobile internet service providers in China — including — on creating a green mobile Internet.

The parties call for joint actions be taken among the industry to purify Internet information and create a green mobile internet environment that is healthier and more orderly for netizens.

Until now, all of Baidu's mainstream search products have been seamlessly moved to its mobile network. Surveys show that Baidu Wireless has covered over half of the wireless search users in China and has become a leader of the industry. A representative from Baidu Wireless introduced that the building of the green Internet ecosystem involves anti-spam and anti-virus features and this needs a strong technology backbone that the company can provide with its partners. Baidu has already moved all its advanced anti-spam services to the mobile internet for this purpose.

Statistics from China Internet Network Information Center show that about 233 million users in China are using mobile phones to access the Internet, which accounts for about 60.8% of the total Internet users in the country. With the advance of 3G mobile services, this figure will continue to rise, so it's important to have a green, healthily and well-developed mobile Internet environment.


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