Information from a communication meeting for a cooperation project between Microsoft and Internet cafes in Yunnan province revealed that since the launch of the project in 2009, over 200 Internet cafes in Kunming, capital of Yunnan, have realized software legalization.

The project, according to local media, was jointly launched by Microsoft and Internet cafes in Yunnan and aims to promote the use of authorized software in local Internet cafes so as to ensure the safety and stability of their systems, promote the compliance management of these Internet cafes, and improve their social images.

At the base of the project, Microsoft will provide online office software training courses to these Internet cafes and to laid-off people in Kunming. The training project is predicted to cover 3,000 laid-off people in the city to increase their opportunities to gain new jobs.

John Ball, general manager for the channel management business department of Microsoft Greater China, told local media that Yunnan is one of the Chinese provinces that has the largest growth of netizens. With the cooperation with Internet cafes in Yunnan, Microsoft can encourage the legal use of authorized software and make actual contributions to the Internet development in Yunnan.


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