The European Union has launched anti-dumping investigation against Chinese-made wireless wide area networking modems.

In a case valued at USD4.1 billion, the official website of the Ministry of Commerce of China, states this case may harm interactions between Europe and China.

A representative from the ministry told local media that this is the first time for the European Union to launch both an anti-dumping investigation and safeguard measure investigation against Chinese products at the same time. According to the representative, China "expresses grave concern and will pay close attention to the progress under the rules of WTO, and reserves the right to take further measures". The complaint from the EU comes from a Belgium company named Option which makes wireless modems in Europe.

During the just-concluded G20 Summit, heads of various countries agreed that measures against trade protectionism and reduction of trade barriers should continue to be implemented. However, it is a typical action of trade protectionism for the EU to launch two investigations against one product, and China says it will hinder the economic recovery process of the EU, harm the interests of China, and is not conducive to the development of science and technology.

The representative said China and Europe are important economic and trade partners and the cooperation between the two parties has become a solid foundation for their relationship. China has been insisting on solving trade dispute via negotiations and encourages the industries of the two parties to enhance cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.


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