Chinese telecom operator China Mobile has signed an agreement with the municipal government of Xi'an, Shaanxi, to invest CNY16 billion for the construction of a wireless city infrastructure.

Under the agreement, the two parties will jointly promote the building of Xi'an as a wireless city. They will implement cooperation in various sectors, including the building and application of multiple networks like 2G, TD-SCDMA and WLAN; the construction of information infrastructure; information services related to government affairs and people's livelihood; and construction of network and information security. The cooperation is expected to provide comprehensive information services to the government, enterprises, and citizens; to promote the development of the information industry; to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the city; and to lay a solid foundation for establishing Xi'an into an international metropolis.

Based on its advantages in network, resources, customers, and brand, China Mobile plans to invest over CNY16 billion in Xi'an to accelerate the city's construction of a wireless city infrastructure, enhance their innovation cooperation, and promote the application of network and information safeguard measures. These moves will reportedly offer 20,000 jobs to local people.

Within the framework of the strategic cooperation agreement, China Mobile will focus on the intelligent urban management and information of people's livelihood by providing services like information inquiry, mobile phone bank, and mobile phone shopping.

Since the construction of Xiamen as the first wireless city in China in 2008, China Mobile has launched the pilot experience of wireless city businesses in 77 cities across nine provinces.


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