Chinese telecom operator China Mobile and the Ministry of Education of China have signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly promote greater online uses for education.

According to the agreement, over the next five years, the Ministry of Education and China Mobile will implement cooperation in various sectors, including infrastructure for education informationization; development of quality education resources; sharing and applications; training and improving of information skills of teachers; cultivating of information skills of students; and development and promotion of information skills and devices.

With the joint efforts of the two parties, they aim to promote "rational distribution" of education resources and the rapid development of education online.

Du Zhanyuan, vice minister of Ministry Of Education, said at the signing ceremony that as a large state-owned enterprise with social responsibilities, China Mobile has always paid attention to the development of educational solutions.

China Mobile has cooperated with Ministry Of Education in the successful implementations of many previous projects. In the future, the two parties will implement cooperation in a wider range and will jointly create new motivation for the development of education information in China.


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