Chinese Internet video website and Chinese telecom operator China Unicom have signed a strategic agreement for cooperation in basic communications, development of new products, and marketing.

Under the agreement, the two parties will mainly cooperate in three sectors. For basic communications, China Unicom will offer its nationwide IDC room and Internet access resources to, supporting the business development of the video website. Meanwhile, will consider China Unicom a preferential partner when deploying voice services in its offices.

For development of new products, will provide movie and TV series contents for IPTV, Internet, and mobile devices operated by China Unicom, and the two parties will jointly develop video client products.

For joint marketing, the two parties will fully play China Unicom's resource advantages to promote, so as to further improve the business volume of both parties.

Jia Yueting, chief executive officer of, said that the detailed cooperating methods will be later determined by the two parties and they will sign specific agreements for various projects. Meanwhile, the two parties will organize their respective departments and units to establish a joint working team to coordinate and promote the implementation of related projects.


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