A famous Chinese brand is trying to shake its image as a low-end product maker in India.

According to Eric Braganza, president for Haier India branch, the company will invest more in the Indian market to improve its brand image and switch from a low-price brand to a medium-price brand.

Local Chinese media reports that Haier India will focus on building a better dealer network, wider influence, and higher quality to compete with its competitors. Haier entered the Indian market in 2004, and it planned to gradually shake off the low-price positioning and became a medium-price brand. During 2013, the company will increase its advertising expense from INR650 million to INR850 million.

At present, Chinese consumer brands are still recognized as low-price brands in India and cannot compete with South Korean or Japanese brands.

Haier currently has one manufacturing base in India's Ranjangaon and the company plans to build a new refrigerator manufacturing base. Meanwhile, Haier India will continue to import TVs, air-conditioners, and washing machines from manufacturing bases in China, Thailand, and Italy. Braganza said if the orders grow significantly, they may develop an air-conditioner base.

In addition, Haier India enhanced its retail business and increased the number of its retail sites to over 6,000. By 2014, the number of its experience centers will increase from the current 170 to 275, which will be realized by franchised operations.


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