Dell's Greater China focus has enlarged as the company has reportedly created four business units, including an enterprise solutions group and the Dell software group.

According to reports in Taiwanese media, Dell's software group was established earlier this year, while the service unit was founded three years ago. With those four units, Dell will be able to provide complete solutions and consulting services to its enterprise customers in Greater China.

Since 2010, Dell has been acquiring various solutions suppliers, such as Kace, SonicWall, and Quest. With the help of these mergers and acquisitions, Dell's Taiwanese software solutions business has gained over 1,000 enterprise customers.

At present, Dell Greater China has about 50 service consultants and the company plans to hire more people to support the information and data management service demands of customers in this region.

Terence Liao, president of Dell Taiwan, said that in 2012, Dell's global operating revenue was about USD50 billion, including about 1.5 billion contributed by the software business. For the Greater China region, the contribution rate of software was at the same level.

Liao predicted that in the future, the operating revenue growth of Dell Taiwan will be mainly from cloud computing and security and data protection services; therefore, the company will promote these services via its channels.


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