Microsoft announced that its Microsoft Ventures, a startup initiative that aligns the BizSpark community program, the Accelerator program, and the Seed Fund, has been formally launched in China.

Meanwhile, the company announced the third batch of enterprises that are included in Microsoft's cloud accelerator.

Microsoft Ventures integrates Microsoft's various resources on a worldwide platform for the first time. With open tools, cloud computing resources, professional knowledge, and product launch channels and the entrepreneurial support such as technical guidance, seed fund, and sales opportunities, Microsoft will help startup companies to achieve success.

Lin Weiqian, head of Microsoft Ventures Greater China, said that Microsoft Ventures will stick to the vision of providing help and support to startups in China. With the BizSpark community program, the Accelerator program, and the Seed Fund, the company will be able to offer continuous and 360-degree entrepreneurial support.

The BizSpark community program will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with Microsoft's enterprise software and tools; the Accelerator program will accept a small number of applicants and offer guidance and related resources to them; and the Seed Fund will enlarge its scale to provide capital for more startups.

Zhang Yaqin, chairman of Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group, said that many enterprises have gained venture capital via the Accelerator program. During the third phase activities, Zhang will act the role of business mentor to explore and help good entrepreneurial projects.


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