Yihaodian.com, a Chinese B2C e-commerce website and Internet retailing subsidiary of Wal-Mart, announced a new mobile phone strategy.

Wei Huazhen, vice president of Yihaodian.com, said during the company's latest press conference that the company will attach more importance to the mobile phone sector. Based on its "D50" pricing strategy, the company will continue to expand the existing advantages and market share of its mobile phone products.

According to Wei, "D50" is a mobile phone pricing strategy which is based on the company's self-developed pricing intelligence system. At Yihaodian.com, mobile phones with a "D50" mark means those products are at least CNY50 cheaper than the ones sold on the other Chinese e-commerce platforms. The usage of the mark aims to help consumers save time for price comparison. Wei said they hope to benefit the users and provide true value, not only just a CNY50 savings.

During the first half of 2013, Yihaodian.com launched a series of promotional campaigns, including digital and home appliances festivals, mobile phone festivals, and a mobile phone promotion in June. During the company's recent anniversary promotional period, the company's sales of mobile phone products reportedly increased by 358% year-over-year, marking the largest growth among all products.


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