Chinese Internet company Tencent is aiming at more interoperability, more developers, more partners, and a bigger share of the cloud computing market in China.

The company announced during an open strategy conference that it will fully open its cloud platform, covering network operating systems; virtual technologies and operations and maintenance for social and gaming products; operating models to improve product loyalty and revenue; and personal cloud storage services.

Tencent's cloud eco-system, with a two-year development and beta testing period behind it, has formally become a part of the company's open layout for 2013.

Tang Daosheng, Tencent's senior executive vice president and president for the social networking business cluster, said at the conference that cloud services have now become an integral part of the Internet's infrastructure. Before the emergence of cloud services, the operations and maintenance of servers was a bottleneck for start-up companies. However, with the help of cloud services, the environment for start-ups is significantly improved and the costs are also lowered.

Tencent's cloud platform reportedly focuses on serving Internet application developers. It consists of computing clouds, data clouds and personal clouds, and it covers servers, cloud databases, NoSQL high-speed storage, compass, a CDN, cloud monitoring, and cloud security.

According to Chen Lei, general manager for cloud services at Tencent, they will stick to four commitments: each product is repeatedly tested and used in Tencent's core businesses; customers can test each of the products for free; any needs of the customers will be responded within five minutes; and services will be focusing on the Internet industry.